Postings & Ponderings: Vrksasana

For this month’s Postings & Ponderings, we’re featuring VRKSASANA.

Vrksasana is an introductory level standing pose, rich with nuance and benefit. Regular practice of Vrksasana can:

  • Promote mental and physical balance.
  • Tone the muscles of the standing leg.
  • Strengthen thighs, calves, ankles, as well as the spine.
  • Stretch the groins, inner thighs, chest and shoulders.
  • Strengthen the ligaments and tendons of the feet.
  • Improve pelvic stability.
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem.
  • Heighten focus, concentration, and a sense of calm.

It’s a great pose to include in your home practice! Remember, home practice doesn’t need to be long or complicated. Even practicing just one or two poses can make a difference!

Throughout the month of October, anyone who shares with us a photo of themselves in Vrksasana will be entered in a draw to win AWESOME prizes! We encourage everyone, near or far, to participate! Let’s build a strong community and support each other in home practice.

Have FUN with your practice! Send us photos of asana in unusual places…on the subway, in line for groceries, at the office…hey, anything goes, as far as we’re concerned 

IMPORTANT: don’t forget to tag your photos with #studiopo. That way, we won’t miss any of the awesome submissions. Post your photos on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

To download a pdf version of the poster, click here: vrksasana