Postings & Ponderings: Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana

For this month’s Postings & Ponderings, we’re featuring URDHVA BADDHANGULIYASANA!

Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana is a simple but powerful & uplifting asana. The best thing about it…it can be done pretty much anywhere!!

Throughout the month of September, anyone who shares with us a photo of themselves in Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana will be entered in a draw to win AWESOME prizes! We encourage everyone, near or far, to participate! Let’s build a strong community and support each other in home practice.

Have FUN with your practice! Send us photos of asana in unusual places…on the subway, in line for groceries, at the office…hey, Urdhva Baddhangulyasana works pretty much anywhere 

IMPORTANT: don’t forget to tag your photos with #studiopo. That way, we won’t miss any of the awesome submissions. Post your photos on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

To download a pdf version, click here: baddhanguliyasana