Postings & Ponderings: Ardha Uttanasana

For this month’s Postings & Ponderings, we’re featuring a presentation of Ardha Uttanasana that uses the wall.

Ardha Uttanasana is an example of multi-tasking at its best – it works your legs, your arms, and everything in between.

Practicing Ardha Uttanasana can offer many benefits:

  • Increased flexibility in the front chest and armpit area.
  • Increased strength in the back chest and shoulders.
  • Relief from shoulder tension, back pain, and/or abdominal pain.
  • Rejuvenated spinal muscles.
  • Increased lung capacity.
  • Lengthened hamstring muscles.
  • Strengthened quadriceps.

Ardha Uttanasana is an excellent asana to incorporate into your home practice. It can be done easily just about anywhere, and in fact, even if you don’t have access to a wall, you can still practice this pose. Follow the same instructions as outlined in the fact sheet but instead of placing your palms on the wall, place them:

  • On a table;
  • On a countertop;
  • On a railing (with your palms and fingers outstretched); or
  • On the back frame of a chair (with your palms and fingers outstretched).

As always, we’d love to hear how you are making out with your home practice. Post photos, questions, or comments below and on our social media accounts (facebooktwitter, or instagram).

Happy practicing!!!