Postings & Ponderings: Gomukhasana

For this month’s Postings & Ponderings, we’re featuring the arms of Gomukhasana.

There are many benefits to practicing Gomukhasana: most particularly it is a great way to open one’s chest and shoulders. It also stretches the muscles of the upper back and upper arms.

While by no means an ‘easy’ pose, Gomukhasana is often learned early on in one’s yoga practice. In addition to its many benefits, Gomukhasana plays an important role in preparing the body for several more advanced poses, especially backbends and inversions. You will be well-served by incorporating this asana into your home practice!


Download our fact sheet for instructions on how to get into the asana and what to do once you are there. Don’t forget to also keep us POsted  on how you are making out with your home practice! Post photos, questions, or comments below and on our social media accounts (facebooktwitter, or instagram).

Happy practicing!!!