Postings & Ponderings: Bharadvajasana

For this month’s Postings & Ponderings, we’re featuring Bharadvajasana, an accessible and invigorating twist.

By rotating the spine and stretching the muscles of the back, Bharadvajasana helps to restore and retain the spine’s natural range of motion. The length and space that is created between the vertebrae act as a natural pick-me-up, providing instant energy and healthy decompression for the vertebrae.

Twists, in general, are known to be neutralizing and are often incorporated in a practice to offset strong forward bends or back bends. That said, there are also many other reasons to practice this twist:

  • Stretches the spine, shoulders, and hips;
  • Massages the abdominal organs;
  • Relieves lower backache, neck pain, and sciatica;
  • Helps relieve stress; and
  • Improves digestion.

Whether you are stiff or flexible, experienced or new to yoga, Bharadvajasana is a wonderful asana to incorporate into your home practice. For a fact sheet with detailed instructions on how to get into this asana and what to do once you are there, click here.

As always, we’d love to hear from you! Please let us know how you are making out with your home practice :). Post photos, questions, or comments below and on our social media accounts (facebooktwitter, or instagram).

Happy practicing!!!